Alto 會員轉換公告

感謝您對 Alto 產品支持,因官網與會員系統轉換,即日起 Alto 會員將不再由掃碼來累積點數,若您是新會員請於 Alto 新官網註冊,即可成為會員並獲得 50 點購物金。

按此註冊會員,獲得 50 元購物金

若您是老朋友,您的資料已轉移至新網站,邀請您前往登入會員,填寫過去登入的信箱,點擊重設密碼即可完成登入,將同樣獲得 50 點獎勵購物金。過去點數將以三倍轉換至新網站,如 30 點將變成 90 點購物金。

按此登入會員,獲得 50 元購物金

*以上 50 點購物金,僅擇一贈送一次

Alto 購物金與會員分級說明

即日起凡是於 Alto 官網與直營門市購買產品,將可成為會員並累積 Alto 購物金,此點數可使用於官網線上購物與直營實體門市。


  • 需登入會員才可使用購物金與累積購物金。
  • 凡消費 100 元,即可獲得 1 點購物金。
  • 1 點購物金可於購物時折抵 1 元現金。
  • 購物金沒有使用時間限制。

Alto 會員分級

  • 一般會員:於官網或門市註冊會員並消費,即可以累積購物金點數,享有生日禮 100 元購物金。
  • VIP 會員:不限時累積消費達一萬元,即可成為終身 VIP 會員享正價品 9 折優惠,享有生日禮不限品項結帳金額在享 9 折優惠,不定期特殊折扣優惠或 VIP 專屬福利。

*生日禮:於生日前五天發送至會員信箱,優惠期限為生日後 30 天內



逛逛 Alto 生活皮革配件

Announcement of Alto’s Membership Adjustments

Thank you for your support for Alto’s products. Due to the changes of the official website and the membership system, QR code scan no longer serves as means to accumulate Alto’s member points from today. If you are a new member, please register on Alto’s new official website to become a member and obtain 10% off coupon in your registration mailbox.

Click here to register and obtain 10% off coupon

If you are an existing member, your information has been migrated to the new website. We invite you to visit the website to log in and reset your password, so to obtain the reward of 20 points likewise.

Click here to log in and obtain 20 reward points

*The 20 reward points above can be obtained only once by choosing either one.

About Alto’s Reward Point and Membership Classification

From today, by purchasing any product from Alto’s official website and regular chain stores, you will become our member and start accumulating Alto’s reward points. These points can be spent on purchases on the official website and at our regular chain stores.

Regulations about the Use of Reward Points

  • With every 10 USD purchase, 1 reward point will be earned immediately.
  • 1 reward point can be redeemed as 0.1 USD value when shopping.
  • Reward points have no expiry date.

Alto’s Membership Classification

  • Basic Member: You can start accumulating reward points by registering and making purchase either on the official website or at our regular chain stores.
  • VIP Member: On accumulating a total purchase amount of 350 USD within an indefinite period of time, you will become our lifelong VIP member eligible for a discount of 10% off each purchase, occasional exclusive discounts and/or special offers, and exclusive VIP benefits.
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  • ご購入500 JPYごとに、1リワードポイントを獲得できます。
  • 1リワードポイントは、ご購入時に現金5JPYとしてご利用いただけます。
  • リワードポイントに有効期限はありません。

Alto 会員ランク

  • ベーシック会員:公式サイトまたは店舗で会員登録し、商品をご購入いただくと、リワードポイントが累積されます。
  • VIP会員:累計購入金額が38,000 JPY(期間制限なし)に達すると、終身VIP会員となり、いつでも10%OFFでお買い物ができ、さらに不定期の特別ディスカウントやVIP専用特典をお楽しみいただけます。
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