Alto AirTag Leather Key Ring – Caramel Brown


Add Elegance To AirTag

Hand-made with Italian full-grain leather, it perfectly covers and protects the AirTag. The exquisite leather and gold ring lend the AirTag a warmer touch and style. You can hang it on your backpack, key ring, or neck strap according to your need. The “a” shape represents Alto’s brand logo design and continues Alto’s usual simple, pure yet intricate design.

  • Covered with Italian full-grain leather
  • Created with top-notch aniline leather with a one-of-a-kind leather pattern
  • With use, leather will eventually take on its individual style and patina
  • The detachable expansion ring is convenient to hang and remove. It can be hung on your backpack, key ring, or neck strap, among other uses

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Additional Information

– Italian full-grain aniline leather/fabric lining/detachable expansion ring

– Dimension: 68.5mm x 42mm x 10mm
– Weight: 15g


Why does Alto choose to use Italian leather?
Alto's raw leather material comes from Europe, and it was made specifically in a historical Italian leather factory. The Italian leather craft is able to bring out the rich colors of the leather, and it leads to a wonderful and delicate touch with a slight leather-ish scent, while keeping a strict control under the environmental regulations of the European Union. A good raw material makes a perfect and delicate leather product, and this is also an essence that Alto continuously pursues.

Why does the color of Alto's leathers change?
Alto opts for the production craft that keeps the natural full-grain leather, allowing leather to exhibit their natural pattern, color and pore. With use, hands’ sweat and oil cause gradual chemical change, resulting in an aging effect on the leather, which progressively becomes darker and develops its unique personal feature. Such is the fun process of nurtured aging of leather.

Is Alto's leather scratch-resistant and waterproof?
Natural leather have pores, meaning that they are able to absorb moisture. To make it scratch-resistant and waterproof, a thicker paint coating is required, then the natural and rich surface will disappear, and the fun of nurtured aging would not be felt. Alto hopes to let everybody feel the beauty of natural materials. Therefore, enjoy thoroughly the traces left on used leather, which are life memories treasured for you.

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Color: Caramel Brown


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Unique, Upscale Leather

Each piece of leather exists uniquely. Made with top-notch aniline leather that has a one-of-a-kind pattern that changes patina gradually with use.

Leather That Grows With You

Natural leather gradually changes with time and use, developing its individual leather patina.

Hooks Conveniently

This exquisite gold ring can be speedily changed to the item you want to track.

The “a” shape represents Alto: simple, pure, and intricate.

It may provide more protection to your furry kids who love to go out for a stroll.

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Caramel Brown


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