Anello 360 Series – Neck Strap + Pockets Convenience is Everywhere
No pockets and you got your hands full of things. Where should you put your phone?

・Dresses don’t have pockets – Hang your phone on your body to use at any time.
・You got your hands full of things – Hang your phone in front of your chest. Don’t worry about losing your treasured phone.
・When travelling, you want to take photos to capture memories whenever you go – Hang your phone in front of your chest and take instant shots of the lovely scenery as you go.
・Store cards and transit passes + neck strap – Anello has your city tour all figured out.

When there are no pockets, holding your phone in your hand always makes you feel unreliable. You’re afraid you might lose your phone or won’t be able to find it when your hands are full and need to scan QR code for real-name registration. There are many situations that require more than both hands. Anello’s key ring model will free your busy hands. Even if you got your hands full, you don’t need to worry about not being able to find your phone!



Alto Metro Series – Small Pockets, Great Convenience

Have you also encountered situations like this?

・Have you ever forgotten where you put your IC card, train ticket, parking ticket card, or movie ticket? –Store cards and transit passes.

・Have you ever scrambled when you were at the checkout while the customers behind you staring at you harshly. They wondered why you were so slow – Put your receipt into the pocket to stop panicking.

・Need money for emergency but couldn’t find it. – Keep your secret stash with you at all times.

・Have you ever bumped into a potential business partner while on vacation, but you didn’t have any business cards on you. – Store extra business cards in cases like this.

Smartphone is already an inseparable product to modern society. In response to it, Alto has put storage design on phone cases. Let the Metro Series back pocket store away the cumbersome items in your life. This light, slim pocket is going to be a life changer.


Alto Original / Original With MagSafe 360 Series – Unique, Exquisite Leather 

Have you always wanted a plain phone case, but most are made of plastic materials or acrylic that cracks easily?


・Using Italian full – grain leather, the aniline dyeing method shows the most natural leather texture – the textural pattern is different on each one, so you won’t be caught having the same case as someone else.

・Full-inclusive TPU material with honeycomb structure design – the phone is fully protected from dropping.

・Real leather covering – after using it for a while, the leather will develop its own unique color.

・Not thick at all – with craftsmanship techniques, the hand-feel remains light and slim.


Although there are so many channels and products, you will understand the charm of our top-grade leather and fall in love with it once you give it a try. Start from today. Let the leather case introduce a modest, exquisite taste to your tech-life.


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