Making an exquisite strap dedicated for Apple Watch has always been one of Alto’s goals, and it’s a great pleasure that the goal has been fulfilled this year. We believe that the intimate companion keeping us company every day and reminding us of important moments deserves to be coupled with a comfortable and quality leather strap to enhance each other. We have therefore created the variation in the design for the two different strap sizes marking distinct sensations for Apple Watches with large and small surfaces, suitable for the first to the fourth generation models!


Alto has chosen a watch strap manufacturer from Taiwan with decades of experience to elaborate every detail of the trap making. The seemingly simple design connotes detailed craftsmanship consisting of more than 90 crafting processes, with each having impact on the quality touch. The manufacturer is most proud of its meticulous stitches, smooth without scratching. The handicraft pursued is revealed in every stitch. The outer layer of the strap is made of double cowhide with the thickness particularly considered and repeatedly tested for the best experience of wearing. The inner layer is nubuck polished leather which passes the exquisite wrist feel to the user. While the stainless steel clasp guarantees durability, the fine leather is allergy free.


42/44 mm Leather Strap Series – Streamline Elegance

Going through a gradual thickening process, the 42/44 mm watch strap has been smoothly transformed from 4.2mm to 3mm, perfect for large-surface watches with a significant touch of streamline elegance, yet not losing the characteristics of soft tenderness fitting to the wrist. The simple and smart sharp-end design of the strap coupled with the imprinted Alto mark on the clasp manifests the perfect presentation of the watch strap!


38/40 mm Leather Strap – Tenderness in Simplicity

With consistent 2.3mm delightful thickness, the 38/40 mm leather strap doesn’t even make any burden on the slender wrists. The rounded-corner design and sleek metal lines of the watch frame exudes an ambience of tenderness in simplicity.


The temperamental gravel grey is the new leather color of the year, used for the 38/40mm watch strap as the exclusive luster deeply loved by females.


The couple straps ideal for both large and small watch surfaces – the olive green limited to the seventh anniversary. To enjoy sharing the quality touch with your beloved one, choose the delicate and natural olive green for both of you to shine in a low profile, feeling the nurtured aging of the natural leather to mark the time spent together!


Alto gives perfectly matched leather and clasp for every watch strap, and offers the service of changing the clasp of different colors to cater for the details that you look to. The optional clasps of different colors allow you to insist on the quality touch. Choose your favorite colors and feel the exquisite quality of Alto watch straps!


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