For those who always work hard –

At the end of the year, in addition to giving gifts to those you want to appreciate, remember to be kind to yourself as well. You are the one who has taken care of yourself towards the next year, and it is the best thing to take care of yourself and live with your heart.


・Leather Phone Purse and Pouch

Put down the heavy burden on your shoulders, and just relax and have a good time with yourself today.



For your beloved parents –

Now in their retirement years, thank them for bringing you up and giving them a nice gift to let them know that in addition to being able to take care of yourself, your care has always been with them.

・iPhone Anello 360 Series

Hanging those valuables on the chest is like a trust between parents and children. Let your parents hold each other with hands and enjoy their retirement at ease.



For your beloved other half –

Hoping to experience happiness, sorrow, and every little thing together. Live out the ordinary days of the two, and use leather accessories to record everything you experience!


・Apple Watch Leather Bands Series

38 / 40 / 41mm and 42 / 44 /45mm

Wear it with your other half and shine with the Apple Watch and leather strap on your wrist.




For all kinds of friends –


・Music Lover: AirPods / Pro Leather Cases

・Traveler: Leather Phone Wallets

・OOTD: Leather Phone Purse

・Enthusiast Driver: Leather Key Pouches






From now to Dec. 26th


🎄Christmas Event

・NT$200 off over NT$2000


🌟 Members Privilege
・Free Laser Engraving (Purchase with NT$0 )


Kind Reminder:
During the event period, Laser Engraving services will receive orders and delivery as follows:

Sunday checkout >> Make on Monday, send on Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday checkout >> Make on Wednesday send on Thursday and Friday




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