Alto has five regular chain stores in Taipei located in different business districts with their own charms. Other than the popular must-visit spots, we would like to recommend some quality stores persistent with their own styles and characteristics. Through the introduction, Alto hopes to share with you the dedicated quality brands and stores, and we believe that beyond the major attractions there are many other places worthy of your exploration.

・Art Enjoyment

photo from Eslite Art House

[ The Eslite Art House ]

The Eslite Art House plays art and indie films, as well as many award-winning foreign movies. Of course, there are also quite a few big hits nominated in major film festivals!

photo from Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

[ Songshan Cultural and Creative Park ]

In addition to the cinema, the nearby warehouse regularly hosts commercial exhibitions, events and activities, and art design exhibitions, offering diverse and abundant displays.

・Casual Shopping

photo from SNAPPP

[SNAPPP Photo Service]At the periphery of Songyan district are many fun stores, among them is Snappp Photo Service selling a variety of film cameras, films, fun accessories and film developing services. This store is a must-visit for film camera lovers!


photo from LFP 

[LFP]Also located outside of the premises of the Songyan area is the Laboratory of Fragrance and Perfume, also known as LFP, which offers customized perfume-making, allowing visitors to personally choose the scents and participate in the mixing process with the assistance of professional perfumer for their custom perfume.


・Gourmet Foods

photo from Gonokami Seisakusho Ramen Restaurant

[Gonokami Seisakusho Ramen Restaurant]Originated from Shinjuku, Tokyo. Ramen has become a popular food trend in Taiwan. There is a group of ramen fanatics who set the basic requirements for the noodles and broth, and explore the limited flavors and creativity with ramen. In addition to their signature shrimp broth, Gonokami also launches limited flavors of ramen from time to time to delight your taste buds, regardless of whether or not you are a ramen maniac.

photo from Hermit’s Hut

[Hermit’s hut]Walking into Hermit’s hut, you will feel the owner’s devotion to the spatial arrangement and decor. The space is filled with tea aroma, giving a cozy comfy atmosphere. The professional introduction of tea leaves, baking process, and tea ceremony will get you a relaxing afternoon immersed in the tea ceremony and the aroma. The pot “tea” delicately leads you to taste the tranquility of slow living, and the exquisiteness of Hermit’s hut will invite you to revisit over and over.


In this introduction, we see the devotion of the brand/store owners, and Alto as a branding peer is deeply moved and has become a supporter of the initiatives. We hope that people will recognize the efforts behind each brand and pass on the beautiful things to make a change for the better in 2019!



Alto Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store

1st Floor, No. 88, Yanchang Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110

Business hours: 11:00-22:00

Tel: 02-6636-5888 ext. 1742

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