As the world struggles to combat COVID-19, there are many courageous epidemic prevention and medical personnel devoting themselves at the front line. We’d like to express our most sincere gratitude and our deepest admirations to these people. Alto is a Taiwanese leather accessories brand, and we’ve been thinking about what we could do to help fight the pandemic. Perhaps we can’t directly help on providing epidemic-preventing products, but we’d still like to contribute some ideas and help. Especially at the time of our 9th anniversary, we hope that we’re not just building our brand, but also lending a hand as the world needs it.


So, we’ve decided to turn people’s support for Alto into actual power by donating 5% of all revenues of purchases made during the time of sale on Alto’s official web site or at regular chains to GlobalGiving’s Coronavirus relief fund to help mitigate the epidemic. GlobalGiving is a non-profit organization that provides a crowdfunding platform for grassroots charitable projects and emergency groups in need.  The organization is now devoted to mitigating the epidemic’s spread, provides medical personnel sufficient resources and helps taking care of the underprivileged groups such as elderly and children.


In a time of such hardships, it is perhaps just as how the Apple CEO Tim Cook says, “ I have been inspired by the humanity and determination I have seen from all corners of our global community. As President Lincoln says in a time of great adversity: ‘The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew.’ ”


In light of what’s happening, it may be hard, and although we do not know how long it will take; Alto believes that by rethinking and making the better choices, the difficult times we are now facing would eventually come to an end, so long as we work together as a whole.


9th-Anniversary Sale
From April 23 to May 17
Up to 15% off for each purchase over USD 79
A limited gift available for each purchase over USD 139
*No additional discount on new and on-sale items

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