We keep it simple

“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

A great design is to find the perfect balance between technology and traditional handicraft.

In this information-explosion age, our visual sense is gradually becoming numbed by the constant barrage of new products, and we take for granted another of our primary senses, touch. To revive your sense of touch, Alto focuses on superior materials, with a design philosophy of functionality and practicality. We bring you the wonderful experience of traditional leather handicraft which has been passed down through generations. Savor Alto, let your heart guide you.

Minimalism and high quality is our goal.

Our brand name “Alto” comes from Italian, meaning “high.” It represents our pursuit of high-quality products. We are passionate about our designs and build unconventional, unique accessories. We only select the finest imported material. Our outstanding designs compliment exquisite tastes.

We insist on using genuine leather as the main material for our designs. Each handmade piece is fine quality natural leather. For hundreds of years, Italian craftsmen have been practicing this ancient technique and contributing to the creation of numerous world-famous luxury brands. We honor and embrace this spirit, and are determined to be the top fashion brand for electronic product accessories.

A love of adventure, courage to try new things, a passion for sports, keeping young at heart and energetic, an enthusiasm for travel; these are traits that capture the spirit of our brand, giving inspiration to traditional handcraft and support us to make better products that engraved on your heart.