Brand’s 10th Anniversary

April 23 ~ May 16

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Ten Years of Daily Life


Alto has reached its 10th anniversary. Over the past 3, 600 days, we have continually upheld our original passion, which has eventually become our most important value: using leather to show people the beauty of time, and using design to bring warmth to a life of technology.

The logo that commemorates the 10th anniversary uses the imagery of light, shadow, and the letter V for Value. It imparts a message of finding the value of ordinary simplicity in busy life.

It echoes this year’s theme: Ten Years of Daily Life

The Values We Stand By

Alto believes that what constitutes a brand is its dedication to its core values. No matter what these values are, they must be consistent. The beliefs that Alto stood by from the beginning of establishing its brand have continued to the present and remain our most important core values, and they are also the indispensable motivation that enables our brand to continue moving forward.


Alto insists on using the best Italian leather as the primary material for its products and at the same time pursues fine style in its craftsmanship. Each Alto product is personally inspected, adjusted, and packaged by us before it is delivered to the consumer’s hands.


Leather is a material that accumulates stories and beauty. In our fast-paced and ever-changing lives that are filled with disposable products, we hope that through leather we can re-awaken people’s appreciation for daily items and for the beauty of natural resources.


We insist on original designs, and through the special characteristics of leather, each product has its own expression. After being used by different users, each person’s accessory has the most unique appearance of its own.


We hope that in the future, technological products not only have a standardized, cold, and uniform appearance, but through Alto’s products, human touch and warmth can be preserved.

Alto Brand’s 10th Anniversary Commemorative Film

We have spent ten years’ time repeatedly telling the same story, using the values that we stand by to preserve human touch and warmth in our lives of technology.

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